Handmade. Tested. Kinky.

We love what we do: kinky crafters who let our imagination run wild to come up with ideas that we want to make real. We love making beautifull, wicked things that makes our customers gasp, cry out in pain or frustration, while at the same time their eyes glitters and they smile from ear to ear.
There are a few things that warms our hearts a bit extra: one of them when escape artists disappointedly sighs that they can get out of all kinds of restraints and then their whole body language change when they try the Self Locking Quick Cuffs and realize that they can't get out of them! The smile that lits up their face, the glittering eyes, and that sudden dreamy look that settle over them when they know they can be securely restrained - it is absolutely magical! That's why we do this. To share the joy, love and intimacy that comes with the pain, dominance, submission, and humiliation of BDSM.

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